Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Components

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers are used widely in the chemical and petrochemical process industry, because of the numerous advantages they offer over other types of heat exchangers. Although there exists a wide range of designs and materials, some components are common to all. All of shell and tube heat exchangers configured according the required thermal, mechanical and chemical requirements in various types, like for instance according to TEMA standard. By using dedicated workshops equipped with state of art machineries we are able to provide a complete range of fabricated and machined components to be used in construction of shell and tube heat exchangers.

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Heat Exchanger Products

Tube Sheets

Innopec works closely together with the best forging companies and machining workshops and can supply tube sheets that are pre-machined or fully machined to drawing and secure that the holes are drilled in the tubesheet with highest tolerances and fit to the shell.

Flanges and Covers

We can supply all required forged girth flanges or channel covers pre-machined or fully machined to drawing.We also have the possibility to supply the hemispherical and ellipsoidal heads in various materials and thicknesses.


Baffles can be supplied in fully machined condition with all holes drilled with highest tolerances in order to enable a smooth insertion of the precision tubes through the baffles during fabrication.


Forged nozzles can also be supplied by us in final machined condition. The term “self-reinforced” refers to a forged nozzle that has a heavy wall, transition, and a thinner end.