Procurement Services

We strive to be the best in class when it comes to our procurement services with having innovative sourcing solutions. Our out-of-the-box thinking brings new ways of looking at what fabricators can do to increase their competitiveness. We assist our customers in finding solution to supply semi-finished or completely machined parts that only require assembly in the workshop. We offer speed, competitiveness and flexibility for our customers.

We are able to provide a complete range of standard and exotic materials, completely fabricated products, equipment, accessories and procurement services for industrial projects. We have extensive experience in the fabrication of shell & tubes heat exchangers and air-cooled heat exchangers, which enable us to guarantee the customer with high quality, cost effective, prompt and professional supplies and services.

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Heat Exchanger Products

Over the years we have selected a wide range of reliable partners. By using dedicated workshops equipped with state of art machineries we are able to provide a complete range of fabricated and machined components to be used in construction of shell and tube heat exchangers.

Air Cooler Products

We supply all components needed for fabricating air-cooled heat exchangers such as single and multi-row bundles, header box with plug boxes, split headers, manifold forged (one-piece) headers and also removable covers. We also supply all types of finned tubes, transition nozzles, plugs and gaskets.

Forged Header Boxes

We are specialized in the supply, designing and manufacturing header boxes for Air Cooled Heat Exchangers for the power- and petrochemical industry. We have designed an innovative production route to produce the header boxes in a different way which eliminates the number of production failures and secures the highest possible quality.

Material Supply

We are a service-minded partner who can supply your needs for seamless and welded heat exchanger tubing, U-bend tubes and plate. We also have very good sources for the supply of pipes, fittings, flanges, special items and other pipe-related products from stock or from new production by qualified manufacturers.

Fabrication Services

We can also be your full-service partner for the supply of pre-fabricated parts for heat exchangers. Products like the shell, rolled and welded together, fully machined and drilled forgings, cladding or overlay welding are commonly used and Innopec can offer these ready for fabrication which allows our customers to reduce production time and costs.