Thermal & Process Design

We have extensive experience in calculating thermal design, rating of pressurized equipment and technical expertise in process heat technology with a long-standing reputation in calculating heat transfer design, application and fluid flow.

We provide design, rating, simulation and optimization tuned to the specific requirements of our clients.

We provide thermal and pressure drop calculations for a variety of heat transfer equipment and modular solutions, using proprietary in-house and/or commercial software along with approved design practices.

We benefit well known CAD software packages for 3D modeling and drafting purposes. These 3D tools are suitable for all conventional 3D drawings and extended features such as 3D rendering, animations, mass calculations, Center Of Gravity (COG) calculations, interior and exterior design and walkthrough. These modeling tools have an extensive built-in standard parts library that saves drafting time and allows for accurate material estimates.

Engineering Services
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3D Modelling

We provide in-detail design according to industry standards and heat transfer rules.

Performing CFD calculations for custom types of heat transfer equipment by experienced engineers.