About Us

INNOPEC is a supplier of specialized equipment and provider of procurement and engineering services to the Chemical and Petrochemical industry. Having extensive knowledge and experience of equipment, materials, design, engineering and fabrication method we are able to supply the most qualified engineers and highest quality competitive products.

Technical excellence provided on time and within budget yields the best overall value. This is the essence of our reputation and the reason why many of our customers have chosen INNOPEC as their preferred procurement and engineering service partner.

We are the exclusive representative office the for EMEA region of selected number one specialized equipment manufacturer for air cooled heat exchangers.

With our wide worldwide network, we are able to support you with the best and most competitive material supply of components used in for heat exchangers and air coolers.
We assure reliable, cost-effective engineering supports for many specialized heavy industrial applications. Our discipline-wise structure of engineering services covers product design from conceptual studies to design and simulation and finally realization and approval of engineering activities. INNOPEC is well equipped to serve your most challenging engineering needs and we combine our experts and processes with cost effective procurement and engineering options to provide high quality deliverables.

Why choosing us?